Top 7 Cannabis Marketing Trends in 2022

In 2022, the marketers of cannabis companies consider modern technologies but, at the same time, adapt them to allow clients comfortable interaction with the company. What trends in cannabis marketing should be emphasized to build a successful strategy?

1. Storytelling

Dmytro Syvak and his MjSEO colleagues believe that strong and catchy content created by Mjseo remains an effective sales tool. Do not neglect the ability to tell simple human stories about the company, product, customer experience, and customers. By the way, storytelling can also be used in the video, so this method of brand promotion will be especially relevant on social networks and video hosting sites.

Now, businesses are increasingly collaborating with bloggers who tell about companies in various formats. Story makers create advertising layouts and short videos. They use warm-ups with story development and other impressive tricks that only work in online communications.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Cannabis SEO experts confirm that this technology is developing very quickly. Many simple actions can be delegated to artificial intelligence. With its help, it has become much easier for companies to communicate with customers 24/7. And for many areas of business, including cannabis, this is a necessity. Artificial intelligence is a good opportunity to optimize processes and reduce personnel costs.

Conversational marketing continues to spread actively in chatbots since not only businesses but also customers are interested in feedback. To do this, companies are looking for convenient formats for collecting feedback online. The chatbot allows the client to quickly get an answer to his questions at any time of the day. This increases the loyalty of the audience, and the request itself is resolved promptly.

3. Empathy

A world surrounded by different problems requires a new look at communication with customers. The audience has a request for sincere emotions, empathy, support, understanding, and a non-toxic environment. How to use it in marketing?

Feel the pain points of the audience or customers and build on their customer needs. For example, you can create content that explains the incomprehensible in an understandable language, show the daily life of the company, share user content, and add interactive content — all this will resonate.

4. Confidentiality

Rejecting cookies and focusing on privacy is a trend born to gain user trust and loyalty. For example, from mid-2023, Google will begin to refuse third-party cookies that collect information about user preferences. Cannabis marketers will likely have difficulty with personalized advertising. However, there is an assumption that the rejection of cookies will cause more trust among users, and then they will want to share data with brands in exchange for helpful content, a loyalty program, advice, and more.

5. Geomarketing

It is a tool for marketers and business owners that can be used to announce a product or service to local customers close to the location that the business needs. Using geofencing technology, a potential client or buyer, being in a serviced geofence, will receive push notifications from an application or a message in a messenger based on GPS data. For example, when a person passes by a store, they will receive a message about a sale or discount. This method will increase the number of impulsive purchases and attract new customers who previously have not paid attention to the offline point.

6. Automated Advertising

Another digital marketing trend is advertising automation. Previously, it was used by beginners who do not understand contextual advertising settings. Now, Google is introducing new automated tools and turning off manual bid management.

According to experts, when using auto strategies, it is enough to specify targets (maximum budget, optimal cost per conversion, or target return on investment in advertising) — and the system will do everything so that the advertiser can get the maximum conversions and optimize advertising costs.

Auto strategies do not require constant analysis and numerous tests, which saves the advertiser time. The system itself will select the optimal bid sizes, the most effective key phrases, ads, and determine how best to allocate the budget based on the current competitive situation and the targets you specified.

7. Video Marketing

If you want to attract the attention of the audience with something unusual, make a short cartoon about your products. Come up with a new hero, and diversify the approach to the demonstration: complex formats are no longer relevant, and people want something light, colorful, and engaging.

The trend for video content is not slowing down; the popularity of YouTube only confirms this. In 2022, videos up to 3 minutes long will be relevant due to the influence of TikTok, which is used by 1 billion people every month. Other social networks have also adapted to this trend, for example, by supporting the reach of users who create Reels.

Cannabis marketing trends in 2022 are looking for new technologies — automation and process simplification. Clip thinking generates a trend for video content. And the shorter it is, the better. Along with the development of technology, ethical and psychological issues are raised — understanding the client’s problems and the desire to be understood. Brands seek to gain loyalty and trust but, at the same time, be non-irritating and unobtrusive.

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