MK Bubba review

I’m pretty impressed with peak.420. When I made my first order I was a little bit nervous that something might go wrong, but my order was shipped just a few hours afterI made it and promptly arrived on time. The packing was clean, some of the best i’ve gotten through a mom and the product is what I expected. I would rate my first experience with peak a 10/10.


Budtasties Honey review

Tastes great, and is potent! 1 tsp of this hits me as hard as a small cig. Like most edibles, it takes up to an hour for full effect, but lasts longer. Will definitely be purchasing again!


Bubba God review

Super smooth. Super potent. Nice clean burn. Taste translates well. Nice trim/cure. Very pleased. Its heavy on the bubba imo.


The Lizard review

Super pleased with this rare BC strain. First experience with it and I loved it. Very interesting and unique terps along with the buzz. Very happy buzz with tension disappearing and euphoric etc. Clean burn/good cure/not dry. Very happy was able to try this strain especially from Bubba Kings!


El Muerte reviewed

Bubba Kings – El Muerte. Those four words alone guarantee my purchase. Those who know of BK El Muerte and have tried it know its one of the best smokes around. Insane unique terps, extremely smooth and clean smoke/burn, full taste. The effects are pure indica and one of the hardest hitting. This is one of the best phenos around hands down. There have been periods of years between trying this and it always rocks my world. Some phenos are heavy on the gas/diesel – which I love – but this one is something else entirely. Almost like a real good old school cut of Hindu. Either way this strain is incredible and puts the worst insomniac to sleep. I hope this returns on the menu soon and their MKU which is another fav of mine.