Review Of Hempire Trading Co.

Review Of Hempire Trading Co.

Hempire Trading Co. is a grassroots company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This company promotes the empowerment of people to make their own choices when it comes to using cannabis. They do their best to provide the best price possible on all the cannabis they supply.

The package from them was small, discrete and easily fit inside our standard sized mailbox so no need to go to the post office unless you have a very large order. They make a personal guarantee on their About Us page that they will never share you personal information which is something we commend them on and something that more dispensaries should say explicitly.

Furthermore they offer Ha$h Coin, these coins can be earned whenever you are making purchases. Use these coins and convert them to take dollars off of your final purchase price. This is a great reward system that this MOM dispensary offers for their loyal customers and is always something we like to see from an established MOM, that puts their customers first.

Purple Candy Kush 

Purple Candy Kush is an indica dominant hybrid created in British Columbia. Hempire Trading Co.’s gorgeous flower had large bud that were an olive and forest green colouration; in addition to, a strong undertone of deep purple intertwined between bright, fiery orange pistils, standing in a vibrant juxtaposition of colour.

Purple Candy Kush

Purple Candy Kush

Furthermore, Purple Candy Kush was covered in a generous, frosty layer of white crystal trichomes that glittered with the reflected light. Purple Candy Kush also had a beautiful sweet aroma, hinting of a subtle berry and earthy fragrance; that made me want to smell that sweet scent, again and again.

When Purple Candy Kush was consumed:

When combusted, Hempire Trading Co.’s Purple Candy Kush produced massive and aromatic clouds of silky smooth smoke that filled the room with an herbaceous earthiness; in addition to, a silky soft grape aroma, as a subtle undercurrent. Moreover, the flavour of the smoke was exceptional, tasting strongly of grape candy; as well as, a silky smooth earthiness, that elevated the refinement of the smoke.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the potent flavour of grape and the refreshing, sinus clearing, herbal concoction created a harmonious balance in my mouth. The vapour was dense, smooth and opulent; creating large clouds of sweet, aromatic vapour that hinted of a berry eariness.

Hempire Trading Co.’s Purple Candy Kush was a potent, indica dominant hybrid that induced fits of couch lock, heavy relaxation and sedation. This powerful hybrid was strong and fast acting, novices need to use caution, as this strain can overwhelm and oversedate inexperienced users.

Furthermore, this strain produced a beautiful euphoria; as well as, intense hunger pains. This nighttime strain could also be used to treat a variety of conditions and symptoms, such as (but not limited to): chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, nausea, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders (as directed).    

Citrus Skunk

As I opened the Ziploc, the potent fragrance of lemon and citrus from Citrus Skunk invigorated my senses. The large and medium nuggets were a mixture of forest, hunter and laurel greens; with white crystal trichomes glittering off of every bud, like frosted sugar. There were also rusty red pistils littered throughout the bud, standing frozen in time.

Citrus Skunk

Citrus Skunk

When combusted, Hempire Trading Co.’s Citrus Skunk had a refreshing earthiness to the flavour of the smoke; as well as, an exquisite citrus flavour, that marinated in my mouth and lingered as an aftertaste. The smoke was refreshing, smooth and aromatic; producing a delightful lemon fragrance in the air that hinted at what was just consumed.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, there was a zesty and refreshing citrus flavour; as well as, a rich earthiness, that invited me to puff, again and again. The vapour was silky smooth, light, airy and aromatic; leaving a subtle lemon fragrance in the air.

Citrus Skunk from Hempire Trading Co. produced a happy, uplifted and euphoric high; in addition to, a relaxed mood and a calm focus. This sativa dominant hybrid also aided in my day by providing a slight boost in creative energy; which helped ignite my motivation; every time i finished a hit.

Moreover, this flower would be suitable as a daytime medication and could also be used to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): moderate pain, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, migraines, fibromyalgia, nausea, appetite loss, depression, anxiety, and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Island Extracts – Live Resin – Hindu Kush 

Live Resin is a new, high-tech BHO technique to produce the purest and most flavourful concentrate available. While BHO techniques are relatively simple; in contrast, producing live resin is extremely complex and usually needs to be done in a lab.

Live Resin - Hindu Kush

Live Resin – Hindu Kush

Live resin uses flash freezing methods, usually with liquid nitrogen, to freeze fresh cannabis bud, immediately after harvest. There are many terpenes and cannabinoids that can be lost in the drying and curing process. Even when the curing process is done properly, 50-65% of the natural essential oils (terpenes) of the cannabis can be lost.

Moreover, almost every other concentrate starts off with cured and dried bud; however, this new, cryogenic, flash freeze method  is currently one of the purest and best ways to consume cannabis in concentrate form. THC can range from 70-95% with live resin and the the taste speaks for itself. The added terpenes create a depth of flavour that I have never personally experienced before.

Furthermore, live resin produces a concentrate that has a wet, sappy and almost budder consistency, that is incredibly easy to manipulate into a pen or a dab rig. Island Extracts Hindu Kush Live Resin from Hempire Trading Co. produced the most exquisite and complex flavour profile that was incredibly smooth when vaped with the Zeus Thunder 2.

It did not take long for me to conclude that live resin is my new, current favourite concentrate. The resin burns incredibly clean, it did not leave any residue in my pen and the complex terpene profile was by far the best tasting concentrate I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Period. The only downside to this concentrate is the price; however, the price can be explained by the high cost of equipment and technical knowhow needed to produce this beautiful resin.

If you are looking for a concentrate that will blow your mind for taste and pure flavour profile, Island Extracts – Live Resin from Hempire Trading Co. is just what you are looking for. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or perhaps you are independently wealthy (I wish!) and can afford this exquisite resin all the time, Hempire Trading Co. sells high quality and potent live resin by Island Extracts. If you haven’t tried live resin yet; please, put it on your list of things to do immediately, you won’t regret it.      

Hempire Trading Co. Chocolate Chip Cookies 

For a comprehensive guide on edibles consumption, please see our detailed page here.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Chocolate Chip Cookies from Hempire Trading Co. came in a vacuum sealed pack of 2 cookies with a whopping 50mg each per cookie. The cookies were creamy, flaky and buttery recipe that tasted fresh and home baked. There was no taste of cannabis, so we assume Hempire Trading Co. used delicious distillate.

Moreover, the cookies were consumed and approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes the effects were in full swing. The was a sedative body buzz that relaxed every muscle and soothed all my pain. Hempire Trading Co.’s Chocolate Chip Cookies also delivered a euphoric and calming state of mind.

Ths delicious edible from Hempire Trading Co. could be used to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, nausea, migraines, chronic pain depression, appetite loss, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).      

Hempire Trading Co. M&M Monster Cookies 

M&M Monster Cookies

M&M Monster Cookies

Hempire Trading Co. delivered a beatiful vacuum sealed package of utterly scrumptious M&M Monster Cookies that had 50mg of THC each. The cookies were fresh and crumbly, flaking off gently to melt in my mouth. There was a strong taste of peanut butter, and mixed with the chocolate; it is reminiscent of a custom Reese’s peanut butter bar.

The high from M&M Monster Cookies gave a massive full body stone and also a calming aspect to my mind that induced a serious couch lock. Novices should be aware that THC can cause adverse reaction with high doses.

This edible can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, migraines, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, nausea, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).    

Hempire Trading Co. Choco Canna Banana Bites 

Choco Canna Banana Bites

Choco Canna Banana Bites

The Choco Canna Banana Bites from Hempire Trading Co. were a delicious, fresh bread bite that contained 30mg of THC. They had flakes of walnut, amalgamated with delicious chocolate chips and strong banana flavour to make an explosive burst of flavour in every single bite.

Furthermore, the texture of these scrumptious mini muffins was flaky and moist; there even seemed to be a hint of rum in the delicious mini cakes. The pack contained 3 delicious bite sized mini cakes and the only complaint we had, was that we did not have anymore of the savory mini cake bites.

Hempire Trading Co.’s Choco Canna Banana Bites were a delectable, savory and incredibly delicious mini muffin. The body buzz could be felt approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes after the savory little treats were consumed. There was also a deep calm and relaxation, enough to sedate and calm the mind. There was a cerebral mindfulness, that allowed for deep introspection.    

Sunshower – Cannabis Infused Gummy Drops 

Cannabis Infused Gummy Drops

Cannabis Infused Gummy Drops

Hempire Trading Co.’s Sunshower Cannabis Infused Gummy Drops came in a tamper-proof sealed container, for added security and peace of mind. The gummies consisted of a variety of delicious flavours, including: raspberry, pineapple, mango tangerine, green apple and blackberry.

Furthermore, the gummies were fresh and did not taste of cannabis; although when I opened the lid I could slightly detect a faint hint of cannabis in the air, albeit slight. The taste was exquisite and delicious; inviting me to take one drop after another.

I could feel the little candies about 1 hour and 20 minutes after I ate the delightfully potent little drops. Each drop contained 5mg of THC and there were 15 drops in total. The drops are dosed at an easy 5mg to allow novices to start off low and slow. There was a nice light body buzz that eased pain and anxiety. Relaxation followed; as well as, a happy euphoria that allowed me to float through the rest of my day.

These candies could be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): appetite loss, nausea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, depression, migraines, insomnia, anxiety and other mood disorders (as directed).  

More about Hempire Trading Co.

Hempire Trading Co. is another great option for delivering fresh bud straight to your door. Their delicious edibles, and fantastic live resin make them stand out from the pack. This MOM’s memorable logo and fantastic products will ensure they are not soon forgotten. They have been serving Canadian’s since 2016; a long time in this industry and you can see these years of experience lend to an effective consumer experience.

Furthermore, Hempire Trading Co.’s packaging was discreet and effective, their bud was fresh; however, the star was definitely Island Extracts Hindu Kush Live Resin that provided a flawless smoke from start to finish.

To nitpick, on the baked edibles we could have used an ingredients list on the back of the baked goods for consumers with allergies; however, that was a minor issue. On the whole, we applaud Hempire Trading Co. for offering such high quality products and highly encourage you to check out this awesome MOM dispensary for yourself.

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about Hempire Trading Co.

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