Original Mighty to the Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer | 8 Years as the Highest Rated Vaporizer.

Storz & Bickel recently released the Mighty+ Vaporizer in September 2021. Before the Mighty+ release the original Mighty enjoyed the number one spot for best selling and highest rated herb vaporizer for 7 years. This is a considerably long time given Storz & Bickel released their portable (Crafty and Mighty) line up in 2014. From that time many new vaporizers entered the market with the goal of dethroning the Mighty only to call it quits with lackluster sales while the Mighty Vaporizer reigned supreme.

Storz & Bickel brought the Volcano Vaporizer to market at a time when vaporizing dry herb was not even niche but unheard of. Over the years this superior vaporizer gained traction as the gold standard for vaporizers making the brand Storz & Bickel and the name Volcano synonymous

with cannabis vaporizers. 20 years later they remain the top dog and have constantly improved their vaporizers as technology allows while releasing a handful of new vaporizers such as an improved version of their classic masterpiece, the Volcano Hybrid. If there ever was a brand you could trust in the space it is Storz & Bickel.

While the Volcano is iconic as a desktop vaporizer you are relegated to the couch or table. The Mighty solves this problem by being handheld and battery powered. While it is not something you can toss in your pocket with ease you can easily transport it in a bag or center console of your car. The Mighty or Mighty+ are easy to grab for a quick patio session or walking the doggos.

The lack of app on the Mighty and Mighty+ are also a popular reason why customers prefer it 2:1 over the Crafty+ Vaporizer . While the Crafty+ gives off nearly identical vapor, the battery life is half that of the Mighty and one must utilize an app for full temperature control. The Mighty and Mighty+ offer full control in the hand, no app needed.

A personal favorite of nearly all who have tried it. The combination of tasty flavor and crisp texture make this the best vapor quality out of all the vaporizers out there. While there are a few niche vaporizers such as the Herborizer or Flower Pot which will give you slightly better vapor, they will not do it with any sort of ease. Disregarding they cost much more and are basically science projects to set up with multiple fragile glass parts and wires or requiring the use of a

torch – they cannot be easily transported like the Mighty. So if you are looking for plug and play out the box quality vapor, nothing beats the Mighty / Mighty+.

The Mighty and Mighty+ both have been certified medical devices. They are the only portable vaporizers to carry this classification. The Mighty and Mighty+ are constructed of only the highest heat rated and medical grade materials ensuring your sessions are as healthy as they can possibly be.

If you have noticed we kept saying the Mighty and Mighty+ (Plus) throughout the article. They are nearly identical with a few minor upgrades on the plus model in terms of heat up time, battery life and charging ports.

You will not be able to discern the difference between the vapor of the two and cannot go wrong with either one. The original Mighty is $50 cheaper but is made of the same material and if it weren’t for the Mighty+ release, the Mighty would still be the best selling vaporizer – a spot now held by the Mighty+ (Plus)

Ironically enough this is not the first upgrade Storz & Bickel has made to the Mighty. In 2018 they released upgrades to the Mighty to improve the battery life and a haptic feedback countdown to alert the session was ending. Storz & Bickel continuously improve their vaporizers when the technology permits. This is another reason that they are the top dog in the vaporizer space.

Oddly enough Storz & Bickel are still producing the original Mighty alongside the Mighty+. When they released the Crafty+ in 2019 they stopped production of the original Crafty. We are a loss for why. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason and we imagine in time the Mighty+ will be the only Mighty Vaporizer model produced and sold by Storz & Bickel. As we have said you cannot go wrong with either and can only anticipate that the Mighty+ will be the highest rated and best performing portable vaporizer for the next 5 (if not 10) years to come.

If you are looking to try the Mighty or Mighty+ To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 Day Trial Period where you can return your Vaporizer for a partial refund. They also carry refurbished

Mighty Vaporizers which are inspected, disinfected and cleaned which can offer an even greater bargain for those who want to try the Mighty but are wary of the high cost.

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